Installing Namecoin Mac Client with wineskin

I’m a huge fan of Bitcoin and Altcoins (other crypto currencies sometimes derived from Bitcoin) but sometimes the developers of these altcoin neglect use Mac users. One coin by the name of “Namecoin” was one I’ve been wanting to get into but didn’t for a while because they didn’t release an official Namecoin Mac Client.  I didn’t want to run parallels or some other bloated windows virtualization program just to run the a Namecoin wallet. It is also important for Mac users to have a Namecoin Mac Client and not a web wallet because the novel idea about Namecoin is that you can register .bit domain with their wallet.

The best solution I found for this problem was to use WineSkin windows wrapper for Mac to make your own Namecoin Mac Client. The initial setup for this was kind of confusing but now that I’ve done it once It can probably do it with my eyes closed. The cool thing about WineSkin run the Namecoin client without having to run a full windows verbalization which make this just as fast as a native Mac application.

Below are a few steps on how I set this up on my system.

  • First run over to wineskin to download the program here
  • Install wineskin as you would any other mac application
  • Now run over to Namecoin site here to download the Windows version of the wallet here
  • Now open Wineskin and select create new wrapper and name that wrapper “Namecoin”
  • Once the the wrapper has finished it’s install setup click “View wrapper in finder”
  • Double click the name coin wrapper then select install software
  • Now locate the Namecoind .exe file you downloaded and follow the install prompts
  • At the end of the install select launch application and you should then see the Namecoin Wallet syncing with the network.

…And there you have it a namecoin wallet running in windows. Here’s a screenshot of Namecoin running on my Mac

Namecoin Mac Client


Whenever you want to run the wallet again all you will have to do is run the Namecoin wrapper that you’ve created and you can even move that wrapper to your applications folder just like any other Mac app.


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