7 Benefits of Using Cryptocurrency that You’ve Ignored

It’s definitely not a new term to you. The media and every respected expert on the subject are saying the exact same thing.

“Cryptocurrency is changing the way we use and transfer money.” In fact, during the early 2009, when Satoshi Nakamoto came up with Bitcoin, it wasn’t something that somebody would really believe.

With horror stories of Forex trading, stock market and shares flopping in the market,  a new thing like Bitcoin trading was unheard of, let alone sink your teeth into it.

In other words, you found yourself grinding to understand what digital currency mean? Let alone use it for normal everyday transaction. And because of little information outside there, you shrink back whenever the term bitcoin and Ethereum trading is mentioned in the media.

You feel the urge to try bitcoin trading, but negative thoughts keeps pulling you back. It’s like you are running on a hamster wheel.

But I have good news you:

It’s not that cryptocurrency doesn’t work. It’s just that you’ve been fed little information about its value and benefit. Today, I want to show the benefit digital currency and how it will shape the future.

Sit tight and grab a seat, because I want to give you a deep dive into the subject.

Enough of the intros, let’s start:

Low To Zero Inflation Rate

Wouldn’t you agree that inflation is partly responsible for all our economic problems? The world’s currencies are controlled by the government leading to fluctuation of currencies in different parts of the world.

And because the government continues to print more money, there will always be inflation. In fact, the more money the government prints, the less the value. This is the reason why the dollar has reduced in value since 1996.

Therefore, investors have lost respect for the currency and decided to keep Gold instead of the dollar. While the value of the dollar has been declining, the value of Gold has risen up.

When the currency like a dollar loses its value every single year, the price of goods and services tend to go up. Likewise, the standard of living increases.

Unlike the dollars, nobody controls bitcoins or any cryptocurrency in the market. In other words, there will be no way the currency can get finished.

More importantly, you can’t print the currency. That gives you lots of control of your money. Imagine what power that can have in your life when you accept the currency.

Simple and Easy To Transact

Digital currency is simple and easy to use in transaction. You save a lot when you buy or sell product with Bitcoin. Unlike credit cards and  e-wallet where you pay huge sums of money in the name of transaction fees.

Bitcoin solves this problem. You don’t run into third-party services likes Paypal, Payoneer or stripe for exchange of currency. In most cases there are no transaction fees for cryptocurrency exchange because the network compensates the miners.

No Theft

When you buy anything online like Amazon, chances are you’ll expose credit card information to merchants. In other words, you give him full access even to a small transaction.

In the event of cyber-attack, chances are hackers may use information to siphon money from your account. Most credit cards operate on a pull basis. In other words, once the merchant initiates payment, they receive money directly.

With cryptocurrency, you the holder have to send money or to the recipient with no further instruction. This keeps you safe and secured when doing online shopping. And because of this, most online stores like Overstock or Newegg are starting to use digital currency as a way to let customers access funds.

Universal Recognition

Cryptocurrency can be used at international level because it has no bound for exchange rates, interest rates and transaction charges. This saves time and money when it comes to doing transaction at international level, making transactions easier.


How many times, have you heard about fraud, money laundering and counterfeit. Bitcoin solves the problem of receiving counterfeit money. With bitcoin you don’t have to get worried about receiving counterfeit money when purchasing or receiving it, since it is electronic.


The system is secured. There is no trace left when you use bitcoin. Once you’ve sent money to the seller or received money. It cannot go back. More importantly, no government can trace it back to its source


It is tricky to carry a million dollars around because of security issues. Even convincing the bank to give you million dollars would be an uphill task. They’ll tell you several reasons why they can’t give it you.

Bitcoin is portable. You can carry millions of dollars’ worth of bitcoin. It’s like walking with a memory card in your pocket or safely stored in your safe house. In future, people may start storing money in their house and there’s no way the government will know it.

Let’s face it.

Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency is here to stay. It’s not something that’s going away sooner.

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of cryptocurrency. Recently, the Russian government legalized the use of cryptocurrency. It’s’ just a matter of time before others start following suit.

The question….will you sit back and watch as people become affluent with cryptocurrency. Already, the people that started Bitcoin trading in 2009, in other words, 6 years ago are millionaires and affluent.

In fact, today the price of one bitcoin is $4000. The fact remains that another 5 or something years will pass by. The only difference will be whether you gave the opportunity a chance or not.

Look at Bitcoin like smartphone of today. IBM came up with first smartphone in 1992, only 15 years later Apple disrupted the market with the first iPhone.

The truth remains that, people that invested in the iPhone or Andriod during that day, their life changed. Don’t let the next 5 years slip away with opportunities like this, do something about it. You won’t regret it.

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